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Pulsation Dampener

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Hydropneumatic Pulsation Dampeners

A Hydropneumatic Pulsation Dampener is a device that uses the gas compressibility allowing hydraulic circuits to store fluid volumes under pressure which are considered not compressible.

Fox offers bladder type and diaphragm type Pulsation Dampeners, either built by the deformation of a high resistance steel tube or joining two threaded parts, that lock themselves under pressure. Bladders and diaphragms are available in different materials on request.
Bladders: NBR - Butile - Neoprene - EPDM - PVC - Hytrel - Alimentar
Diaphragms: NBR - Butile - Neoprene - EPDM - PVC - Hytrel - Alimentar - Viton - Polyurethane - Alcryn

Qualityhydropneumatic pulsation
Fox Pulsation Dampeners are constructed in according to the Pressure Equipment Directive - 97/23/EC and ASME VIII Div. 1.
All Pulsation Dampeners are individually tested at pressure 1,43 times than the maximum allowed stamped on the shell. Fox guarantees the complete traceability of the used material features, treatments, processing.

Pulsation Dampener Pump flow is not always uniform. In particular displacement pumps have pulsating flows depending on their features. Pressure peaks and hammer shocks reduce the mechanical life of the hydraulic system. It is possible to improve the performance and the reliability of the pump installing a Hydropneumatic Pulsation Dampener below the pump.

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